About Us


Babettes is the home of epicureous eaters led by husband and wife team Catherine and Steve Scott. Steve is the mad-scientist maestro, adjusting weights and measurements in search of the most delightful flavors. An architect by training, Catherine runs the numbers and comes with a complimentary approach to Steve in guiding the business as a couple. Along with their passionate staff, they are committed to making great-tasting food. They start with high-quality ingredients and fine tune their recipes, by responding to feel, look, and smell of what's cooking. After all, external factors such as humidity and temperature impact the foods. Being gastronomic explorers means they are constantly updating the menu, implementing new items based on seasonality as well as ideas picked up from their travels around the world. For the few customers who struggle with the math of this, Steve suggests that if you like one item, chances are you'll like the other items as well. ​


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